The no-nonsense QC app
for fresh produce

FreshControl enables growers, traders or packers of fresh produce, food & beverages to create quality inspection reports of incoming or outgoing goods with photos as evidence. The FreshControl app works on Apple and Android smartphones or tablets, so you can start saving time right away!


Easily create inspection reports using you phone or a tablet. Fill in characteristics, remarks, photos and a verdict. Once you are done the report is automatically saved to the central website. There buyers and sellers can view your reports and send them to other parties. You can also directly send reports to colleagues or other companies through WhatsApp, email, sms and other media.

  Mobile data entry You can make inspections on location with your own smartphone or tablet. The app is designed in such a way that entering a report with photos and comments often does not take longer than 30 seconds.
 Centralized overview All inspections are collected on a central site and made searchable. There, commercial employees can always find, view and forward the reports as needed.
  Share with partners Inspection reports, aggregated reports and other information can be shared with colleagues and 3rd parties. Sharing is possible with 1 push of a button via modern media such as WhatsApp, Email and SMS.
  Connectivity We have the expertise to seamlessly link to your ERP system. Orders are immediately retrievable and assignable in FreshControl. Results can also be fed back if necessary.
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