The no-nonsense QC app for the fresh produce industry

Say goodbye to loose excel sheets and heavy inflexible systems. FreshControl is the QC-app for food professionals!

Mobile entry

Record progress centrally and prepare digital quality reports


Make informed choices based on collected data


Share information with colleagues and partners


Scalability by further automating your quality assurance processes

“It only takes a minute to create a QC report.”

The FreshControl app is very easy to use. The QC dashboards are also very valuable, the QC history of products and suppliers are very clear and simple.

Mike Wood - QC manager BE Fresh Produce.

“The communication with partners through WhatsApp or e-mail is fast, clear and easy.”

FreshControl is without a doubt a company deicated to the best solution for their customers. The proactive approach and excellent cooperation make them a valuable partner for Teboza.

Konrad Cyba - Head quality at Teboza.

Which tasks can you do with FreshControl?

Quickly create QC reports with your mobile device

FreshControl enables you to enter various registrations via an app on your mobile phone or ipad on site and then process them centrally if necessary.

Escalation scenarios, workflows, automatic notifications, tracking and tracing of inspection reports. We can easily set up all scenarios for you.

It is very easy to share reports with colleagues and external parties. This way, for example, you can easily send your quality reports to your suppliers or customers. Sharing is possible via modern media such as WhatsApp, Email and SMS. You can also create PDF documents and make them available.

We have the expertise to seamlessly connect your ERP system. Orders can be directly retrieved and assigned in FreshControl. Results can also be fed back if necessary. With our unique design, the ERP is always leading and we can express implementation times in days rather than weeks or months.

We have extensive experience with Business intelligence in the fresh produce sector. We can help you connect the QC information with your existing BI system or we can also set up the system for you from scratch.

Special features for fresh produce professionals

FreshControl can be personalized in all kinds of parts and expanded with these extra options and knowledge.
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Shelf life tests

FreshControl has a specialized facility for doing shelf life tests. All data can be analyzed in reporting tools.

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Whatsapp integration

Many customers have whatsapp or other messaging groups whith partners of collegues. FreshControl supports this way of working 100%.

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Bar- en QR code scanning

FreshControl can make use of the bar- and qrcodes from your ERP system to select lots and batches faster for reporting.

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Powerful dashboards

We are experts in BI dashboarding with PowerBI and Qlick sense. We can integrate QC seamlessly into your BI environment

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Inspection reports

You can have your inspectors make professional inspection reports for incoming batches or batches at the supplier in a uniform, fast manner.

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Record specific characteristics

You can create and record those characteristics / measurements that are important for your specific cultivation method.

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Integration in ERP

Varieties and orders can be loaded into FreshControl via a link with the ERP system so that all these can easily be selected for reporting on a report..

Get clear what FreshControl can mean for your company

Digital ± 30 minutesIn person

In a short digital session we get the following things clear:

  • Clarified your question and challenges
  • What the added value & fit of FreshControl can be within your organization
  • You can start fast and simple